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First Aid Kit Audits

Isn't it frustrating when you reach to get a band-aid from the First Aid Kit, just to find it's empty?

Why not let us take over the stress and strain of keeping your First Aid Kits up to date and OSH Compliant?

We will audit your kits on a regular basis, whether you require this service every month, every 3 months or even every 6 months.

AED Testing

Ensure that your AED is ready to use and functioning when you need it the most! We can take the hassle off you to-do list with regular testing.

Why is it so important to have your AED tested annually?

It is recommended that AEDs regardless of brand are checked once a year.

Defibrillation is critical in cardiac arrest. Your AED is rarely used but when you need to use it, it must work - a life may depend on it!

How will we test your AED?

The output is measured to ensure correct joule parameters are met. Most AEDs achieve this measurement. For the occasional malfunction, temporary AED replacement and repair is arranged.

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