First Aid Kits & Supplies


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From plasters and dressings to swabs and wipes, you will find all you need for essential wound care. Our complete range of products provides both the essentials for first aid treatment to more specialist dressings for specific injuries allowing quick and efficient treatment.
Hand sanitiser for First Aid Kits
Bandages for First Aid Kits
Burn Gel for First Aid Kits
Burn Products
Dressings for First Aid Kits
Eye Wash for First Aid Kits
Eye Care
First aid kits of various sizes
First Aid Kits
Torniquet for First Aid Kits
Haemorrhage Control
Hardware products for First Aid
cotton buds for First Aid Kits
Protective products for First Aid Kits
Protective Gear
specialist products for first aid kits
Specialist Products
Medical tapes for First Aid Kits
Medical Tapes

We have all the first aid kits and first aid supplies you need

From replacements to full first aid kits we have a great selection.

Get in touch to order your first aid supplies. We are in the process of getting our products online.
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